Monday, April 6, 2009

Julia Hoban Speaks Out: Thank You!

Writing WILLOW was difficult, but truly expressing my thanks to everyone who contributed to this site is impossible! I wish I could say just how much all of this has meant to me, but honestly, words fail me.

It is nothing less than incredible that a group of people, none of whom have ever met me, have come together, and put such thought, effort, and energy into celebrating my book.
Some readers have said to me that my character Guy is a little too caring, a little too compassionate. It's not a comment without merit, but my reply has always been that I based him on my husband.

Now however, when someone asks me if there are people who are really that good, I will point them here. Because, the best answer to the question "Is it really possible for someone to be that kind, that generous to a complete stranger?" is simply "Have you seen"


Alea said...

Aww you are too sweet! Just got a little teary eyed :D

We all have Lauren to thank for this! Lauren you are the best!

katie said...

Thank you, Julia, for writing such a wonderful debut novel and thanks Lauren for spreading the word. I never would have found out so much about the book if it hadn't been for this blog!

Polo.Pony said...

Your so sweet Julia! What a nice thank you! Thanks to Lauren for getting information, reviews, and more about "Willow" out into the blog world, I know that this blog has made me want to really read "Willow!"

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Alea: Aw, thanks Alea!

Katie: Yay! I'm so stoked to hear that. I'm glad the blog helped get the word out more.

Polo.Pony: Sweet deal, thanks so much.


Erika Lynn said...

You are so welcome. this has been so fun! and it reminds me why I am so happy to be part of this blogging community.

Lauren you are awesome for putting all this together!

cupcakewitch said...

Awww- that is too sweet!!
Lauren rocks. Totally.

Amelia said...

Willow got here today!! I'm loving it so far. Even though I had already bought it, this blog kept making me want it more. You guys did great

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Amelia: I'm so happy to hear that! Well, I'm really glad that the blog made you more excited and I hope it helped other people find out about the book and want it more too.

Cupcakewitch: aw, thanks, but really, in the's julia and willow that rock!

Erika Lynn: Thank you so much! I love this community as well.

YA Book Realm said...

I always wanted to read this book, and now even more because of this wonderful blog. Thanks for acknowledging all of Lauren and many other amazing book bloggers, and authors work.

And wow, Guy is based on your husband, a real person, I totally want to read it more.

Macie Wheeler said...

Hi! My name is Macie Wheeler. This quarter my English class had an blogging assignment to where we blogged about an authors book. I chose Willow! So if you could PLEASE add me! I would be very honored.

Angela said...

Mrs/Ms. Hoban,
My name is Angela. The rest i am placing a comment is because I have bad dyslexia and I just finished your book. I understand that it may have been really hard to write this book, but I would like to encourage you to make a sequel because I would really love to read more of your work. I am a Senior in High School so I would have to read it in College but I would be so willing to take time out of my day to read more of your work.
Thank you,
Sincerely, Angela.

Angela said...

I'm Sorry. But it was your book Willow.