Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm sorry for the delay but it's time to announce the winners:

Huge Giveaway: Ally (from Myspace)

Romance/Paranormal giveaway: Amber (two books) and Cheryl (one book)

I wrote all of you, so if you are seeing this go and check your email. If you didn't win, I'm sorry but thanks for playing along and buying Willow (if you did) and if you didn't buy Willow...what are you waiting for??

Also, I'd be happy to post your reviews on this site or any thoughts you had about the book, so get in touch.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Our First Reader Review: Leave Your Thoughts!

Gandy is a reader from the Willow Myspace (didn't know there was one? I started a fan "site" if you at the bottom) and once she finished the book, she was kind enough to give me her thoughts. If you have NOT read Willow yet and do NOT want to have any spoilers, I wouldn't read this...but I know a lot of you have already read it, so check it out and leave your thoughts for Gandy!!

I don't even know where to start....the book was full of emotion. Just imagining this young woman cutting herself made me shed a tear or two. I loved how her relationship with Guy grew into beautiful love. I also shed a tear or two when her brother finally opened up to her. I especially loved the end when she was strong enough to let the blades go into the water.

thumbs up! Pictures, Images and Photos

I would really be interested in a sequel. I'd like to see their relationship blossom and see how her brother handles it when he finds out and see how counseling can help her....I know there are young women out there who cut's great that this book is out there. It just might help them to stop!!