Friday, May 15, 2009

Our First Reader Review: Leave Your Thoughts!

Gandy is a reader from the Willow Myspace (didn't know there was one? I started a fan "site" if you at the bottom) and once she finished the book, she was kind enough to give me her thoughts. If you have NOT read Willow yet and do NOT want to have any spoilers, I wouldn't read this...but I know a lot of you have already read it, so check it out and leave your thoughts for Gandy!!

I don't even know where to start....the book was full of emotion. Just imagining this young woman cutting herself made me shed a tear or two. I loved how her relationship with Guy grew into beautiful love. I also shed a tear or two when her brother finally opened up to her. I especially loved the end when she was strong enough to let the blades go into the water.

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I would really be interested in a sequel. I'd like to see their relationship blossom and see how her brother handles it when he finds out and see how counseling can help her....I know there are young women out there who cut's great that this book is out there. It just might help them to stop!!


Carly said...

I loved The Book Willow.
The Book Was Very Intense But Yet Soothing. This Book Could Be As Big As The Twilight Saga. As Soon As I Bought The Book All My Friends Were Just Dying To Read It. I Got The Book Mostly Because I Thought It Would Be Interesting,But When I Started To Read It I Found Myself Relating To Willow. It Made The Book Even More Fantastic. :D

Suko said...

This sounds like a touching book.

Sarah said...

I just finished the book and it was such a good story. The plot was beautiful and I can relate to the story almost completely. Nothing dramatic really happened to me like it did to Willow, but my parents got a divorce and it hit me bad, but I was getting better soon after until my Grandpa died. I didn't get to say goodbye and the pain was so unbearable. I love him so much and he was gone...At that time, we moved and I wasn't getting along with my step-dad much. There was a lot of fighting and pressure from school. After a couple years of it and my closest friends just brushing it off since they had their own problems, I would unconscious bite or scratch my arms, until I just did them whenever it felt to much. Even before the move, I also contemplated a few things like running away or cutting, but in the 8th grade I had a small thought appear about suicide. "It would be better if I was gone. Mom would be happier and no one would miss me" The thought always whispered to me when I felt down. Then, I met someone who helped me see that life was to great to throw away. He helped me feel better and I gained myself back. My mom doesn't know most of this, and I don't want to tell her since I know it'll hurt her. It's been three years since all that has happened. I still feel real down once in a while, but I think about my friends and family and about my writing and know it'll be okay. It's still hard without my grandpa, but he lives in my heart and memories. I don't speak to the guy who has helped me often, but he's like a very fond memory that warms me up sometimes. This book you have created is a masterpiece and it just feels me up with emotion that overcome anything else. It was hard to put down and I do agree with whoever wants a sequel. I would love to see how their relationship blossoms and I would like to see the scene when she tells her brother about everything. It'll touch people like this one has. Thank you for your time.

amber said...

i love the book,i love the people in the book.,, to me its a better love story then the good husben, and twilight, and some others that i have read. julia you have did an amazing job on this book.. im waiting for a part two :)) it is absulotly my fav book.